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A Podcast about business and life


Great interviews

Great interviews

It's hard to carry on a great conversation, especially topics as complex and diverse as business. Glad to find a podcast that is able to tick off all those boxes!

Inspiring successful goals

The interviews are refreshing perspectives that fulfill the podcast’s goal of teaching the listener something new


I find her perspective very refreshing and find myself learning things about myself and other people. Enjoy the work, keep doing what you are doing.

Amazing Podcast

Romina is incredible! She has a passion to always learn, grow and not only live her best life....but to also do everything she can to equip the rest of us to do the same! She has a genuine interest in others and zeal for life in that is contagious! Love listening to the variety of Podcast she offers from all walks of life and arenas! Subscribe...you will not be disappointed!

Thought Provoking

I have listened to almost every episode and one of the things I love about Romina’s show are the questions she asks her guests. Elegant and simple but they allow her guests to open up and add depth. She is able to add color and detail with her follow up questions and she comes across as very genuine and sincere.


Keep it up!


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